Renault Clio Specification Suspension Rebates Price Color Safety Features and Review

Renault Clio Ideal For City Living
The car I’m driving now is an entry-level Extreme model in Mercury silver, equipped with 15'' alloy wheels, manual air conditioning, CD/MP3 player with fingertip controls and front fog lights, along with completely redesign and more room inside than ever before.

First off, let's take a look at the new style. Most noticeable is you can easily see some changes has been made to the dimension, unlike earlier models, this one is designed with larger body size and thus, more room for both passenger legs and boot.

Currently Renault Clio is offered with 2 models in the same dimension: 3-door model and 5-door model.
Renault Clio Ideal For City Living
On the first look, I was quite impressed with the new Renault Clio style: it has striking exterior design with sleek lines and of course, the famous 'Renault face' as seen on other models. I have to say that even though it is not the sportiest one on the market today, but it’s surely not the ugliest one either.

With the striking Volcano red and Extreme Blue paint colors on the new look, the Clio today is known as a vehicle for men to invest, as opposite to the past, just for “female”.

Step inside to see the interior, the design is quite basic, all just come in plain black: the dashboard, door trims, gear lever and the carpet. The seats, however have a little different: they are covered with 'Papeete' cloth upholstery in black and grey, and the seats is comfortable and easy to adjust.

This entry level comes with a reasonable sound system, includes the standard CD/MP3 player which is easy to navigate, and stereo speakers, but I was a little disappointed because I found no MP3/Aux input in this vehicle, it seems that Renault haven't considered it as a standard on their cars on this modern day.

On the overall, all controls are just easy to reach and operate, you can control the sound system via steering wheel mounted controls, or you can read the fuel consumption, fuel tank figures and service information via the handy trip computer.

As said above, with the new size, there is a pretty much of room for both driver and passengers, making it a comfortable vehicle, compare with the earlier versions.
Renault Clio Ideal For City Living
Under the hood is the 1.2 16V petrol engine outputs 75 bhp and CO2 emissions of 139 g/km. Took it on the city roads, I found out that the car performed very nice, well steering, sharp handling, and the acceleration was quite good. Furthermore, the fuel saving is just impressive. Fuel consumption is good at a speed of 47.9mph.

On the highway, I was a little disappointed because of the sound came from the engine when running in high speed, maybe the engine was not large enough, but for city living, it’s still a nice car.

Overall, the latest generation of Renault Clio is simply just an ideal car for city living. You will get an entry-level model with a reasonable price, starts from £11,040.
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