2011 Audi TT Specification Suspension Rebates Price Color Safety Features and Review

2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
Let look at the overall design first. As done with earlier versions, the new style doesn’t look much different, even though there are some minor changes, such as larger air intakes in the front, and in the back are wider door sills and an a aggressive rear bumper incorporates the two twin exhaust outlets.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
Furthermore, look at the headlights we’ll see that it is a bi-xenon headlights with Audi's trademark LED daytime running lights (which looks awesome even though I think it useless).

The interior is, hmm..., not large enough! The problem here is Audi has added two seats for the back, but I’m sure no one can sit comfortably unless they have … no legs! But for the front, the space is much wider just for … your legs. However, in general, it has modern looking style with a nice aluminum trim, sturdy but soft leather - based seats.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
Talking about user friendly and ease of use, except for for the navigation system which may cause a bit of problem for user when reach it, all other controls are within your reach and easy to operate.

Most noticeable is the Audi's Multi-Media Interface (MMI) which allows you to control the audio system. Thanks to several improvements have been applied, using the MMI now is very easy and simple, such as changing the radio station (but for my opinion, in the long run, using buttons will work better).

Next we look at the steering wheel and you will see that it’s flat on bottom to create more room to help the driver easy to get in and get out.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
Under the hood, this Audi TT I’m driving comes with the 3.2-liter V6 engine that produces 250hp and 236 ft.-lb. of torque. According to EPA estimated, this one can get 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 on the highway, which isn't bad after all.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
For buyer’s conveniences, the Audi TT is offered with a variety of configurations of the engine, such a version with 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which outputs 200hp and 207 ft.-lb, or the most powerful is the one comes with a slightly more tuned V6 engine which can output 265hp.

Also variety of suspensions is available to keep the front-wheel-drive running well on every road.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
Enough looking, now we see how this car performs on the city roads. The one I’m driving is equipped with a sport suspension, even though some time it is stiff, but overall, it not bad at all and you will not feel like went through a round of boxing with Danny Jacobs.

The other good things are the acceleration is just simply impressive, also you will notice that it is very quiet surprisingly.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
On the highway, it runs just incredibly, the take-off was very nice, the acceleration is smooth and strong enough to leave most of people behind, and you will definitely love the sound from the V6 engine, it’s fantastic!

Due to local law enforcement, I speeded it up to maximum of 125 mph, at that point, I have to say that you will have a feeling like you are flying on a jet.

After a while, I then decided to slow down and pulled off to the country roads to see how well it will perform around the corners, and I can tell you it did good, fast and smooth!
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
In fact, I think Audi has applied a special design for this car: the front and the rear are very well balanced, and with Audi's adaptive suspension, it can do great anywhere you go.
2009 Audi TT Lot Of Fun To Drive
Last, the only thing that disappoints me is the power of its V6 engine, why couldn't Audi turbocharged that superior engine and gives it a power of 300hp since the other TTS models having even more?

In the end, we talk about the prices: the Audi TT’s come with the price starts from $35,00 and up to $46,540, which seems to be very reasonable after all, so for my opinion, get one and you will definitely love it.

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