State Farm's feedback app is the pocket-seat driver you never wanted

State Farm driver feedback app

Somewhere deep in the recesses of your mind is the desire, surely Freudian, that "I'd like more input and feedback on how I drive, even to the grocery store." Or, at least, State Farm believes that's how some of you feel since it has just released a Driver Feedback app for the iPhone that will give you just that.

Invoking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, State Farm says, "Three of the riskiest driving behaviors are hard acceleration, hard deceleration, and hard swerves." Using the iPhone's GPS and accelerometer the app will keep track of the trip and how hard or soft your acceleration, braking and cornering and then issues a score for each category. The complete game-ification of safe driving means that you can also compare your trips and scores, and share with others.

We aren't sure what the criteria are for measuring Light vs. Moderate vs. Severe actions, but if anyone must know it's State Farm... right? If you need more convincing, check out the short video after the jump.

Us? Well, let's just say we remain... unconvinced.

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