2012 Citroen DS5 Specs Rebates Suspension Top Speed Price Color Safety and Review

The 2012 Citroen DS5 debut at Shanghai Motor Show. Citroen DS5 is the first model based on HYbrid4 Citroen diesel hybrid technology that delivers high performance and environmental credentials ruling class. The system offers advanced features HYbrid4 200 horsepower, the ability to drive four-wheel, zero emission power supply for the city, and a role in stimulating the acceleration of the road – with total CO2 emissions of 99g/km only. Movement in the executive segment, target customers looking for a car Citroen DS5 very brave and strong with a very modern car.

The dynamic exterior Citroen DS5 reflects a modern expression and promises greater driving pleasure. The flowing lines, a sleek profile, muscular wheel arches – alloy wheels that roll around the large (16″ to 19″) – gives an air of confidence Citroen DS5 unique. The front of Citroen DS5 immediately identifies as a member of the DS family. It is an oversized air inlets, a large chrome-finish grille housing signs, and a new LED light signature. Specificity, Citroen DS5 boasts chrome-finished ‘sabre’ inserts stretching from the top of each headlamp to the windscreen. The rear design takes Citroen DS5 presence on the road at another level. The car stands firmly on wide tracks , highlighted by two exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper and highlighted by a signature back with six light fibers.
Citroen DS5 equally charismatic interior of a remarkable cabin fully consistent with the exterior styling. Focused on cockpit a coupe-like driving position is nearly vertical steering wheel and a large center console. Citroen DS5 immediately fires the imagination. A number of buttons, switches, scroll wheels and toggles are grouped around two main console, one low and one above the driver’s head, “the pilot-style”. Press the Start button interior to life. Color Head-Up Display projects important information in the driver’s vision and lighting the cockpit heady mix of white and red. Citroen DS5 opens up new horizons with pioneering architecture, including: A sleek, compact body (4.52m long, 1.85m wide) and a driving position worthy of a Gran Turismo coupe. A roomy boot (up to 465 litres VDA) reminiscent of a Sportwagon. Five real seats, four doors and all the access and modularity of a hatchback.

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